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Alcohol Counselling

First of all you are not alone, up to one million people in England and Wales, and up to ten million people in the US, have alcohol-related problems;

It is essential to understand the specifics of the problems you are experiencing in this area to enable me to make an assessment of how we move forward and identify the appropriate help, strategies and processes we need to consider on a case by case basis.

We will talk at depth about what your needs are and find ways of supporting you towards better behaviours around alcohol, abstinence or offer strategies for dealing with the causes of alcohol misuse.

So what constitutes a drinking problem? Whether or not someone has a drinking problem is not determined by fixed quantities of alcohol they consume, or fixed timings, but instead is a matter of negotiation by the individual with him or herself, family, friends, work place, and society as a whole.

It has been said that there are several levels of problematic drinking: Psychological dependence on alcohol, no physical dependence; Heavy drinking resulting in physical damage, but no dependence; Physical dependence with loss of control when drinking; Inability to abstain for even short periods; Long periods of abstinence plus bouts or binges.

There is a great variety in the way in which we can misuse alcohol, it will be different for everyone therefore a program will be put together specifically for you so you can use strategies and processes that work for you. We will look at the root cause even if you are not aware consciously of how things started, we will identify the pattern of drinking and how you can break this habit loop whilst reprocessing emotional triggers, so you don’t feel like you are missing out or still craving alcohol, how we move forward will largely depend on you and your situation.

To help you identify if you do have a problem have a think about this: If someone’s drinking causes problems for him or her, or for someone else, in any area of their lives, then that drinking is problematic. If someone’s drinking causes problems with his or her health, finances, the law, work, friends or relationships, then that drinking is problematic; if it causes problems for husbands, wives, children, parents, bosses, or subordinates, then that drinking is problematic. There are many implications of such a simple definition if you can relate to any of these and would like my help get in contact for a free and informal chat and we can take it from there.

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Contact me today with your questions on what our courses cover and how best to start your resilience journey. During this informal chat, you will be able to get a feel for how your mind works and how Break The Pattern training can enhance the way you live and feel.

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