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We all walk different paths in life and have our unique blueprint of experience, the human element which makes you you.  I work to blend the most powerful and effective strategies to help build your resilience and personally deliver these to you in a sit back and relax setting, group training online or an in-person 1-2-1- session depending on what you want to achieve.

Give me a call and share what it is you are looking for in ways of becoming more resilient. What has life been throwing at you and how do you want to feel differently.

Jocelyn Keen BSc. (Hons) Dip.CHyp. NLP.Mast

Break The Pattern is for you if:

  • You suspect that your behaviours and habits are sabotaging your success in happiness and health but don’t know how to change things.
  • You regularly experience physical aches and pains for no obvious reason and the doctors can’t find anything structurally wrong.
  • You consistently feel stressed and overwhelmed and struggle to get a good night’s sleep or focus.
  • You struggle with low confidence and feel that this is keeping you from the life you want to live.
  • You dwell on the past letting it drag you down at times but you want to move on.

I'll help you:

  • To master your mind so you are in control over how you think, feel and behave and penultimately your happiness.
  • Find new ways and provide you with innovative solutions to help you manage your chronic pain so you can go from existing to living.
  • Discover how you can create truly extraordinary, respectful, loving relationships.
  • Feel like you are in control of your emotions and in the driver’s seat steering your health & mental fitness in the right direction.
  • To be able to have the resilience to tackle what your life has to throw at you no matter how extreme.
  • Learn to communicate clearly from a place of confidence and high self-esteem in challenging environments.

Let’s get you the tools to Master your Mind, so you can get on Living Life & Feeling Fulfilled, Solutions that treat at the source.


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Jocelyn is very passionate about what she does and balances humour with professionalism making it fun. The processes are startlingly simple and very powerful. We have worked on several topics with exceptional results, uncovering blind spots, improving my perception, communication skills and mind-set. Jocelyn offers tools that will move you forward to wherever you want to go.

R Dhrall Manager

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