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Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy


Are you seeing the same occurring theme in your life? Are you conflicted over a decision you need to make or are you wanting to change the way you feel? Is living your life at present not as fulfilling and exciting as you think it should be? Then help is at hand.

Break the pattern can help you to uncover blind spots and support you in living a stress less more enjoyable, meaningful life.


Self-awareness and reconditioning of mental processes are key to being mentally free and succeeding. When you feel in control over how you think, feel and respond, you have the ultimate control over your happiness.

With our services, you have a choice of short-term or long-term therapy, whether you want to go down the route of 1-2-1 coaching or deeper therapy. With this flexibility, you can choose what is best for you based on what suits your lifestyle and the change you are looking for.

Personal Therapy

Self-Development For Change.

Jessica was struggling with a specific family member which would leave her drained, reactive and unhappy. The stress of it all was taking its toll leaving her emotional, second-guessing herself and feeling on the back foot and worst of all unable to be connected and loving to those closest to her that she did trust, enough was enough.

When Jessica came for therapy, we cleared out the emotional pot filled with all the historical upset around the problematic individual without opening old wounds. Once Jessica’s emotional baseline was back to neutral this enabled her to reflect calmly on the situation instead of reliving past moments. From this newly empowered state, she rose to challenge, finding inner strength and now knows exactly how to successfully engage with her family member.  Jessica came in after a lifetime of upset with her family member and instead of getting stuck she left empowered. No longer do their interactions leave Jessica feeling lower than before.

When I first met Jocelyn, I had gone to therapists and attended group therapy sessions. In the past year of my life, it felt like there was no way that anyone could help me cope with having to engage with a particular family member; all they did was make me feel more emotional than before as well as very miserable with myself for not being able to figure anything out on my own. It wasn’t until meeting Jocelyn that things really changed, because of her treatment approach she didn’t force me into going over everything again-she actually helped by teaching me what was going with my physiology and neurology as to why I was responding as I was. It made perfect sense and even that shifted how I felt about the situation. Jocelyn uses whatever tools she needs to get the change required and we used several in one session which worked great as I’ve had therapists get annoyed with me in the past when the process they were using didn’t seem to elicit a change. I can now engage with the family member with completely different emotions. I cannot recommend Jocelyn enough!


Daughter & Mother, Teacher

Personal Coaching

 Helping You To Live Better.

Robert was feeling overwhelmed. He had just started in a senior management role at a new company, and this new position left him feeling torn in two directions. One side of the tug-of-war he felt was between wanting to support his team and the pressure they were experiencing because of a lot of change and the other to produce results for higher management. This was making it hard for Robert to sleep at night.  It seemed like every time he spoke with someone from HR or upper management they would ask a question about something he knew nothing about; areas outside of what is required in his current job description which left Tom feeling conflicted as well as increasingly frustrated because no matter what decision he would make there would never be an ideal solution.

Robert came for personal coaching so that we could find clarity on his situation and uncover solutions that would allow Robert both to support his team members AND produce good results for management above. After spending just an hour’s session, framing the issue together, I used using NLP techniques to help make sense of what was really troubling Robert and produce the next steps to turning things around for him. Robert also went through the F.B.M.R. resilience program which has given him even more insight into how he can utilise his physiology for in the moment stress and rise to the challenge.


Relief. It was the first word that popped into my head when I saw it was time for our coaching session to end. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I realised this relief came from being able to verbalise how much pressure management had put on me in recent weeks. It seemed like every new course of action they wanted me to take meant more responsibility for me, and less support for the team. Jocelyn offers tools which will move you forward toward your goals, whether those are achieving better results with work-related topics or personal development oriented issues you didnt even know were there!

Husband & Father, Department Mgr

Ever feel like you are struggling to adult with difficult people?

Are some of your family or work relationships leaving you to feel emotionally exhausted, second-guessing yourself and not ready to deal with anyone’s button-pushing tricks? It can be difficult but not impossible and there is nothing more freeing than being able to clear the emotional pot so you can be cool calm and collected in a tough situation. When someone is looking for a fight, there will be nothing more empowering than knowing they won’t get one out of you!

Jocelyn Keen BSc. (Hons) MDCH NLP. Mast. Pract.

Therapist and resilience trainer Jocelyn has been working in health and wellbeing for 20 years. She takes her clients to a whole new level of personal development, using her knowledge of the mind and body, a bachelor of science degree and a deep understanding of human behaviour. 

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