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Jocelyn came in to do a session with a group of students prior to their work placement. She was amazing. The students were fully engaged, they came away not only understanding more about building resilience in the children they will be working with but also their own. Speaking to them after the session some are using the techniques shown to them to deal with their own anxiety and stress levels. Amazing workshop

Windsor Forest Colleges Group


Jocelyn is a highly professional practitioner and really helps you to think about the situations and difficulties you are facing. I faced difficult times recently where I felt responsible for other peoples actions as well as grieving for the loss of a friend. I was able to relieve the feeling of guilt and responsibility for some of the scenarios I was facing.

Jocelyn doesn’t tell you how to feel and what you should be doing but talks and works with you in order to get to a place that you want to be.

The whole experience made the journey of grief and other feelings more manageable and made me feel I had control and no longer felt stressed about the situation. I would highly recommend and would not hesitate in booking another session if I needed to in the future.

Mrs C Farr


After suffering for several years with back pain I thought I would never be pain-free again. Jocelyn is a miracle worker, my back is actually working properly with no aches or pains. I never thought I’d see the day, so thank you for your help and advice.


Professional Footballer

After finding the courage and admitting to myself I needed help I decided to speak to Jocelyn. After a couple of sessions, she has helped me lose weight. I am now self-motivated and feeling better than ever. You won’t regret it, be brave, and make that call. Thank You.

J Heer

IT Professional

I had injured my back and needed to be back on my feet quickly. Her treatment approach got me mobile in a very short time… providing advice and strategies that enabled me to support myself which made such a difference… A great practitioner I would highly recommend to all. Pain is not just physical!

Mrs A Cogndon

Back Pain

Jocelyn has played an integral role in keeping me strong, healthy and happy, and therefore able to get the most out of myself in training, racing, and life in general. I could not have achieved this without her and highly recommend her and what she does.

Kerry Hickson

Elite Athlete

Seeing Jocelyn helps speed up my physical recovery. I’m always impressed with her continual development and quest for knowledge. Unlike most, her approach is to work at root cause! I highly recommend Jocelyn without any reservation.

Mr S Clark


After not being unable to barely walk for a week and having major sharp pains going through my legs due to an issue with my back.  Jocelyn diagnosed the problem quickly and managed to cure it without putting me in more pain first!.

Jocelyn takes her time and listens carefully so she fully understands the cause and can detail in a way you can understand, I feel it was this process that puts her above any other practitioners I’ve seen previously.

I feel I had so much wrong advice as a teenager on  what felt like on a whim and I can say this really isn’t Jocelyn…. I’d not see anyone else now for help on the body, I haven’t needed to take a single painkiller since my appointment, she had me up walking again 90% better in just 48 hrs.

All I can say is thank you. To others I would say don’t waste time with another practitioner, give Jocelyn a visit and you won’t bother going elsewhere.

Ross Tarling

Before I’d seen Jocelyn, I had seen therapists and attended group and 1:1 CBT, I thought that the way I was feeling was how I was always going to feel and that no one would be able to help me get back to my old self. I was very emotional and would cry whenever I thought about my situation.

Jocelyn didn’t make me talk about the situation and relive everything that happened thanks to her treatment approach.

I can honestly say after one session with Jocelyn my feelings had changed. I subsequently saw her for another reason a few weeks later and the techniques she gave changed my mindset instantly. I regularly use what she has taught me and am so grateful that I saw her for as it has helped me so much.

Since seeing Jocelyn, I have not cried ONCE and can talk about the situation with completely different emotions.

I cannot recommend Jocelyn enough!


Young Adult

It was great being a participant at one of Jocelyn’s mental health & resiliences workshops, she actually involves you and doesnt talk at you!  I learnt a lot, took away key information and stayed awake. I think everyone would benefit from learning from her experience and knowledge. The bit I enjoyed the most were the practicals as it gave me the understanding of how emotions play a key part in our bodys health. Absolutely fantastic, thank you for this inspiring training.


Resilience Work Shop

Jocelyn is very passionate about what she does and balances humour with professionalism making it fun. The Processes are startlingly simple and very powerful. She gives you the tools to move forward to wherever you want to go.

Mr R. D.


Jocelyn has been amazing. I’m constantly stressed, angry or wound up. Over the years my body has responded to this in a negative way. Jocelyn helped the logical part of my brain quieten down, taught me different ways of dealing with my life and now I’m feeling much more relaxed all within a single session.

Mrs. J Ayre


My biggest take away from this workshop was the different ways there are of dealing with different emotions, but more importantly, how to change our negative thinking through a simple process that works.

The amount of information was spot on, not too little to make pointless and not too much to make it boring.

This knowledge will definitely help to deal with conflict in the workplace but also at home with family.

Anyone experiencing stress, anxiety or anger will benefit from participating in this workshop.  

Very well planned. I learned a lot. Thank you.


Stress Management

Jocelyn has helped me to move on with my life in a way I never thought possible. The results went way beyond my expectations. I was off pain killers after just two sessions. You’re in safe hands with Jocelyn, I feel I have my life back and am forever grateful.

T Smythe

House Wife

Working with Jocelyn I never ever felt like I was being judged. I felt boosted and highly positive after seeing or speaking to her. Jocelyn is very knowledgeable within many areas and so I always feel like she could really help me no matter my issue.

A Lambourne

House Wife

The content that Jocelyn covers in her resilience workshops were aspects I’d never really thought about, it was enlightening.

The processes we learned certainly lifted my mood and are simple things to take away that work instantly. I think everyone would benefit from this learning experience. It highlights how much thought we put into minor things and how this affects not only our mental well-being but the detrimental effects on our physical body.

Thank you, this has changed the way I see things and I will continue to remember in the future.


Resilience Workshop

After our first session, my flashbacks stopped instantly. Jocelyn has been amazing helping me through this. An incredible woman with amazing skills, Jocelyn has helped me so much after a traumatic accident.

I had spoken to the doctors several times but they didn’t know where to refer me for mental health help. I was told it was too soon after my accident. I had been assessed four times, diagnosed with serve P.T.S.D. and extremely high on the anxiety scale. I was struggling with multiple flashbacks every day from my skydiving accident…

 After just one virtual session with Jocelyn the flashback instantly went. After my second session with her, I was no longer taking morphine.

There have been times when I’ve got lost in negative thoughts and Jocelyn has been there to bring me back down to earth. She has literally been amazing helping me through this.

Megan Reeves


I had recurring back pains which my Dr. and Chiropractor were unable to diagnose. Jocelyn was able to diagnose & fix my issues quickly. I cannot stress how thankful I am for the incredible job she does, she has truly earned my highest recommendation.

Daniel Berry

Professional Racing Car Driver

Jocelyn instantly notices any problems and works intuitively with my body helping make sure I produce my best results in the gym and on stage. I often feel physically rejuvenated and mentally lifted after a session. Can’t recommend her enough.

Rosy Benbow BSc (Hons) MSc ACIEEM

Ms Health & Fitness Finalist

My well-being has greatly improved since seeing Jocelyn.  Her sensitive and subtle approach has certainly made me see things differently in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. She is easy to talk to, a great listener and  I always leave feeling more positive and with strategies that work.

Mrs C. A.

Mental Clarity

Jocelyn can work content free strategies which are very helpful when relating to personal issues.

She helped me to see things in a different way and this has had a positive ripple effect in other areas.

I can’t thank her enough.

J Roberts


I have had therapy for my PTSD with a few therapists and I never came away from them feeling better. Talking over the trauma constantly, made me feel weak and fearful of day-to-day life.

I had given up hope of ever feeling like myself again BUT then I went to see Jocelyn.  Her wealth of experience in different areas allowed her to create a unique session just for me, we would never dwell on anything which wasn’t helping. I now feel like I have processed the trauma and can continue my life without it effecting me.

Thanks again for your help, I feel so much better and I am finding life a lot easier now that my heart isn’t racing constantly!


Young Adult

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