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Is it obvious to you there is something wrong but you just don’t know where to start or what the problem is exactly, let alone what treatment you need? do you feel a certain way and no matter what, you can’t think yourself out of it? that’s okay, that’s what we are here for, let us do that part for you.

Our advanced treatment solutions combine a variety of scientifically proven therapy techniques to help you make a change at root cause, the best bit being, that you don’t even have to know what the issue is in the first place! We have a lot of individuals describing, non-specific chronic pain, or having negative thoughts they cant shift, some only notice a change in their behaviour and that their alcohol consumption has increased, or eating is out of control, these are all signs of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 1 in 13 people can find themselves in this situation, yet although these symptoms are highly common, they are also highly treatable.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution, and instead, we work with you to create a tailored process focused on your individual goals. With our help, you do not need to work out the whats and hows, by being solution focused we accelerate you to where you want to be and how you want to feel, helping you achieve greater fulfillment in life in as little as a single session.

In recent years, it’s now becoming more acceptable to have a coach, mentor or therapist. Even so, it still takes great strength and vulnerability to seek guidance for your health, well-being, career, or relationships.

That’s where I come in. I make it easy to find the life guidance you need to achieve your goals and reach greater heights. With years of experience in physical coaching and therapy, I have shifted focus to mental and emotional empowerment through individualised advanced treatment solutions.

Solutions that create change at core. You can use these processes to reprogram at a neurological level so you can gain repeated success again and again.

Trainings, Qualifications & Experience

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Whether you know it or not, you’ve inadvertently programmed adverse patterns and behaviors into your mind. Let me help you overcome these mental challenges.  To put it simply: How we show up in stress is how we show up in all life.

I help my clients achieve their ideal self, using advanced therapy techniques following a holistic approach without medication. We work with the body and mind processes, meaning all treatment can be successfully completed even if the issue isn’t subject specific which is ideal when most of the time the problem we present with isn’t normally the problem itself..

Find out how I can support you

Contact me today so that you can find out how I can help you achieve your desired outcomes. During this informal chat you will be able to get a feel for working with me, talk about what is not quite working for you and how you ideally want it to be.

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Jocelyn is very passionate about what she does and balances humour with professionalism making it fun. The processes are startlingly simple and very powerful. We have worked on several topics with exceptional results, uncovering blind spots, improving my perception, communication skills and mind-set. Jocelyn offers tools that will move you forward to wherever you want to go.

R Dhrall Manager

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Putting the ‘Human’ back into ‘Health’.

The type of powerful coaching, mentoring and therapy I offer will help you:

  • Understand stress and how to make it work for you
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase your self-awareness to create positive change
  • Mastering your mind to say goodbye to negative thinking
  • Let go of experiences of the past that are holding you back
  • Free yourself  from bad habits without a feeling of loss
  • Let go old feelings of anger and resentment
  • Say goodbye to anxiety and fear 
  • Be proactive and the driver of your behaviours and life
  • Feel happier, calmer and confident
  • Do the things you may only have ever dreamed of doing or having
  • Create authentic, fulfilling relationships

Why this is my passion?

When I was 19, I was going through a tough time. In both my family and romantic dynamics, I felt stuck. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was stuck in a pattern of reactive and self-destructive behavior. One moment I was happy, the next moment completely stressed out. It wasn’t until I attended a self-assertion workshop that I began my journey of self-discovery.

I found there was a connection between my thoughts, feelings, and physical well-being, and devoted myself to learning more. I became so excited that I worked at a million miles per hour. I was always stressed and tired, but I thought that since I was doing so much, I was living a fulfilling life.

I wasn’t.

I was going too hard in everything and expected perfection. I thought I needed to workout harder. I believed I needed to work longer hours. I felt I needed to always be having fun but living like this just brought nothing but disappointment, chronic pain and exhaustion, and I was nowhere closer to my goals.

It wasn’t until I recognised this pattern that I realised it was time to Break the Pattern and work on the things that we truly important to me. In my late 20’s I had heard about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) through training at work, I liked the sound of it so I started there. As I learnt more and read around how the mind worked I booked in a couple fo session.  After this my self-awareness increased, and my mind calmed down. I was more in tune with the world around me, and I was accomplishing my goals easily and started to feel free. From then on, I knew there was something to this type of coaching and therapy, and I wanted to share it with the world.

I’ve dedicated years of my life and countless hours studying to learn more about the different types of scientifically-proven mental and physical therapies so I could create a system that incorporated these to deliver an advanced treatment solution. I am certified in many different types, and with this knowledge and experience, I’m qualified to offer individualised plans and corporate programs to my clients.

I want to help everyone I work with become their best self, to put down the physical and mental baggage. To be free from physical aches and pains that may be holding you back. Break The Pattern offers a proactive, preventative and personalised solution, this puts you in the drivers seat of your physical and mental well-being so you can consistantly perform at a level you never thought possible.

Get in touch with me today and if you’re struggling to make progress in your life. No matter your age, background, or schedule, I have an tailored treatment solution that is perfect for you. Contact me today and take the first step to Break the Pattern.

Contact me today so that you can find out how I can help you achieve your desired outcomes and if you are feeling stuck and aren’t sure what it is you are looking for or what’s missing then even better. During this informal chat you will be able to get a feel for working with me, talk about what is not quite working for you and how you ideally want it to be or I can help you shed some light on what it is that’s missing.