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Personal Resilience Courses


FBMR Level 1 – Manage Your Mind To Manage Your Health

FBMR is one of the most powerful ways which will support you in having the edge when it comes to leading a happy and healthy life. Our programs have been specifically designed to target ways to improve & maintain the optimal aspects of health to help you thrive both mentally and physically.

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FBMR Level 2 – Advance Your Personal Growth

We can help you set goals that work for the conscious, unconscious and the genius parts of your mind. By utilising neuroscience and behavioural therapies we show you how to clear negative emotions & baggage from the past, remove limiting beliefs, and resolve internal conflict. We teach you how to turn on being in the zone and your intuition state of being which gives you access to another level of thinking and action taking.

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FBMR Level 3 – Mastering Your Human Journey

This is the advanced training, where you will start to create the life you want. Now you are well practiced at utilising and switching between different modes of thinking and focusing. Let's get the clear steps to where you want to be and how you are going to get there. This includes business development from the forming of the idea to deployment and execution of it. This is for the health-conscious entrepreneur who wants to enjoy the process of success and profit, without burnout or breakdowns.

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