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Learn to run your mind more effectively. Master your inner world. I want you to be able to take the steps that are right for you so you are back in control of your mind, health, and happiness in the quickest, safest way possible so, you don’t end up losing who you are in amongst the chaos. Need help to find your peace of mind while you enjoy your motherhood to the full? Contact me and I’ll help you do just that.

Motherhood was never and will never be easy – It’s mind over matter!

Let’s face the reality. Motherhood isn’t easy. Whether it’s your first child or fifth, the struggles are undeniably a part of everyday living when you are a mum.  Motherhood comes with a bucket load of stress, worry, and anxiety. Above all, you’re faced with diverse conflicts of interest from all corners of the spectrum. Be it your spouse, other kids, family members, colleagues, and more. Handling them all can be a challenge by all means.

As a mum, many of you will have faced emotional and physical stress of various kinds. The act of balancing housework, your child’s needs and your partner’s expectations can be daunting, not to mention that unnecessary guilt working mothers feel in terms of not being able to give their kids due attention and care at all times. The pressure is real, whether highlighted or not.

Statistics show that in today’s age, millennial Mothers get overwhelmed and feel unsupported as they transition into the motherhood phase. After all, there’s no amount of preparation that can ever be enough for this time in life. This includes the delivery, the baby, and far beyond.  Being able to manage your mind so you can manage your health has never been so important than in this day and age.

Busy mums need to understand that the problems and solutions lie from within

Especially in the world we live in today, mothers have access to knowledge and exposure, and this can at times be a blessing; while acting as a curse too. Social media is full of tips and tricks on what Mothers are doing wrong. Very rarely do we come across posts about positivity and how it’s okay to be the imperfect Mother, but remember, there’s always a solution to everything.

It’s always mind over matter when it comes to being a busy mum, and confidence with high self-esteem goes a long way. Motherhood is not a problem. It’s a blessing that should be promoted and cherished for its greatness.

For those who consider that stress and anxiety is a norm that comes with being a busy Mum, with difficult factors and unbearable ordeals to deal with on a daily basis, the answer is simple. And that answer is establishing resilience.

The key is to build resilience because that is revolutionizing self-care and taking absolute action.

How to build resilience?

Have full faith in yourself. Resilient Mums have absolute faith and belief in their selves. They are confident of the decisions they make on a long term basis. They fail to submit themselves to the opinions and advice of others they are surrounded by.

Establish flexibility to the core

Resilient Mums are moldable and lack rigidity. She goes with the flow, encompassing the ability to bounce back. No matter the drama, chaos, and uncertainty in her life, she is able to create a reality for herself with the self-esteem she possesses. She avoids being knocked over from things that are beyond her control.

Look at the bigger picture and appreciate the beauty in front of you

No matter the great hurdles in life, she knows that her confidence can triumph in all circumstances. This resilient mum knows that there is a lesson to be learnt from everything, so why take things that aren’t in her control so seriously.  Life is a series of magical lessons. And the greatest thing a Mum can do for herself is to avoid the repetition of a tale that has been told countless times over and over again. It’s all about altering your perception in life and changing sorrow-filled stories into tales of power and reinvigoration.

Be unbothered by mistakes and flaws

Resilient Mums know that they are nothing near to perfection and that’s what makes them special. They are flawed, by all mean, and that is how a real Mum should be. The aura of perfectionism is something that a resilient mum cannot be bothered with. She is well beyond that and that’s exactly what her great confidence and self-esteem instill in her. She forgives herself for any flaws, be it within her or in her child, as long as the main lesson has been learnt.

Care for yourself because no one else will do it for you

While embracing the path of improving one’s game, resilient Mums are content with themselves. She acknowledges the fact that there is always room for some sort of improvement. She tries to seek happiness in every little thing she does. And that is her key to living a blissful life. It’s that inner feeling of fulfillment that truly matters at the end of the day and resilient Mum’s know that this feeling is incomparable to all others. She knows that she is her own protector and saviour. She has to get the job done. There’s no time for excuses because the latter is a sign of weakness. And a busy Mum of today can’t be bothered by that notion.

Need help to find your peace of mind while you enjoy your motherhood to the full? Contact me and I’ll help you bring back your mindfulness.

“Finding the Solutions from within”

Busy Mums Busy Minds.:

Safe and natural ways to have control and lasting change over how you feel.

Symptoms of Mum Stress.:

Always feeling tired, fatigued, difficulty sleeping. Using drink to help you relax.  Negative thoughts, experiencing a busy mind, over thinking. Feeling panicky, tearful, angry or generally down and numb. Unexplained physical aches and pains. Putting yourself last. Poor self care. Wanting to walk out the door and leave although you never would!

Contact Jocelyn for an informal friendly chat about how together you can create fast, effective positive change that will last.


Solution Costs.:

FREE Initial consultation, treatments range from 20 minutes to 2 hrs.

All sessions 45 mins or over can be in person, with the shorter sessions taking place via phone, Skype or Zoom.

All conversations are in the strictest of confidence.

‘Finding the Solutions from within’

If you’re ready, you’ve already taken the first step. Now lets get started with a conversation and identify the right solution for you in getting you the results you want. We will look at how we can get you there as quickly and effortlessly as possible because our advanced treatment solutions work on permanent change and not a sticking plaster.  

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