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Millions of people vow each year to lose weight every day and to stop binge eating, and while the intentions are good, most of the time the results are not. “If we’re aware of it or not, we are conditioned to use food not only for nourishment but for comfort”.

Do you find yourself being ‘Good’ all week then come weekends you mindlessly binge followed by self-loathing?

Do you start eating ‘Bad’ food and then find you can’t stop and then say to hell with it and write that day off as you can start fresh tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes?

Living this way can be sole destroying and takes its fair share on your self-esteem. Break The Pattern’s scientifically proven methods can help you get off autopilot and mindless eating and be back in the driver’s seat once and for all.

When we look closely at disordered eating it rarely comes down to a lack of self-control but can be patterns of behaviors from; childhood, having food as your only pleasure, an inability to tolerate difficult feelings, self-loathing, unconsciously eating and sometimes it’s the simple fact that you let yourself go without food then get too hungry or tired, overeat and you’re back on the treadmill again. 

When looking at people with food-related issues it’s rarely about the food, this is merely the symptom.  Did you know that binge eaters tend to be perfectionists and this can make you even more susceptible to binging or overeating? Also focusing on what you should and shouldn’t eat does not motivate permanent change!

For long-lasting results come from a deeper insight into the structure and function of what makes up your pattern of eating, it’s not about the food or your choice of exercise!

Disordered eating, emotional eating, stress eating can be quite literally addictive, this is because emotional eating or binge eating causes the brain to release dopamine the feel-good hormone, and this is why it can be so hard to change your habits consciously.

Jocelyn makes sure she fully understands your individual struggle so the most relevant effective treatment solution can be applied to you for your needs using the most powerful strategies to get to the root cause of your struggle and effectively reprocess the brains wiring for success.

Clients quickly begin to think, feel and respond differently around food, changing life-long beliefs and habits. They feel empowered to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss and develop workable strategies for life and a great sense of confidence in themselves. 

“Finding the Solutions from within”

Weight ~ Disordered Eating ~ Body Issues.:

Weight issues can be as a result of overeating or drinking. Addictive behaviors. Sugar addiction. Chronic stress. Low self-esteem/confidence. A form of distraction from unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Sometimes the reasons aren’t obvious to the person but whatever your weight concerns our process has it covered.

Common Problems.:

Food cravings. Constant and invasive thoughts of food weight and diet. Portion Size & Over-Eating. Stress. Emotional Eating. Disordered Eating Patterns & Bingeing. Negative Body Image. Poor Motivation. Low Energy Levels.

Contact Jocelyn for an informal friendly chat about how together you can create fast, effective positive change that will last.


Solution Sessions.:

FREE Initial consultation. Treatments range from 20 minutes to 2 hrs.

All sessions 45 mins or over can be in person, with the shorter sessions taking place via phone, Skype or Zoom.

All conversations are in the strictest of confidence.

‘Finding the Solutions from within’


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‘I can’t rate Jocelyn highly enough, this changed my life’


Mrs. A. M. Family Support Worker

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If you are ready and don’t want to go it alone anymore, let’s get started with a relaxed informal conversation and identify the right solution for you in getting you the results you want. We will look at how we can get you there as quickly and effortlessly way possible because our advanced treatment solutions work on permanent change and not a sticking plaster. Make this your last stop in your weight loss journey.

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