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Causes of Stress.:

Changes at work, relationships, illness or injury, moving home, events, seminars, up and coming performance. Lack of self-care, confidence or self-esteem. How we think, i.e. ‘all or nothing’, ‘black and white’, how we feel, how we behave.


Symptoms of Stress.:

Insomnia or sleep disturbance. Sweating, loss of appetite, overeating, difficulty concentrating, increased irritability. IBS, stomach issues. Negative thinking, withdrawal or lack of empathy for others. Feeling panicky and over-emotional or angry outbursts.

Contact Jocelyn for an informal friendly chat about how together you can create fast, effective positive change that will last. 


Therapy Sessions.:

FREE Initial consultation. All sessions 45 mins or over can be in person, with the shorter sessions taking place via phone, Skype or Zoom. All therapy is solution-focused and provided on a one to one.

All conversations are in the strictest of confidence.

Call Jocelyn on 07500 304 885 to find out more.

‘Finding the Solutions from within’

“Finding the Solutions from within”

Take a moment and imagine how you would feel if you could find the energy to do all the things you enjoy, to cope with the pressure of work, family and unforeseen circumstances. What would it be like to have a calm, quiet mind, to feel less tension in your body?  What if you could develop a plan that works specifically for you? would you take it, would you be willing to learn how to take your stress and turn it to your advantage instead of it holding you back or making life a lot harder than it needs to be?

Experiencing stress is part of being human but excessive stress can lead you down a path of chronic illness, unexplained physical aches, and pains, sleepless nights and damaged relationships. Do you find yourself relying on that drink at the end of the day to unwind, or eating the feel-good food that just doesn’t leave you feeling good at all! 

Stress can come from multiple sources which can result in feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted, both physically and mentally. Being stressed can get in the way of making the right decisions and can negatively affect everything you do.  Do you often find yourself saying ‘I’m stressed out’, ‘I can’t cope’, ‘I can’t handle it’, ’why do I have to do everything!’ or you feel you are constantly running on empty mode then your mind and body may be paying the price.

When you are stressed out it affects how you think, feel, behave and the working of your body. Research shows that constant stress can rewire the brain, leaving you even more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems!

If you’re ready, you’ve already taken the first step now lets get started with a conversation and identify the right solution for you in getting you the results you want. We will look at how we can get you there as quickly and effortlessly as possible because our advanced treatment solutions work on permanent change and not a sticking plaster.  

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