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Is it obvious to you there is something wrong but just don’t know where to start or what the problem is exactly, let alone what treatment you need? do you feel a certain way and no matter what, you can’t think yourself out of it? well there is a reason for that, and you aren’t going crazy. 

We believe treating at root cause, the best bit being, that you don’t even have to know what the issue is for us to do that! We have a lot of individuals describing, non-specific chronic pain, or having negative thoughts they cant shift, some only notice a change in their behaviour and that their alcohol consumption has increased, or eating is out of control, these are all signs of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

1 in 13 people can find themselves in this situation, you will never hear us say at break the pattern say ‘its just all in your head’, we also don’t have you go over and over your problems, reliving them or have you open up a can of worms from your past or even expect you to be receiving treatment from us for months or years! 

We believe in a solution-focused approach by use of coaching and mentoring, this is not psychotherapy. We aim to get you to where you want to be in the quickest time possible and in a way that’s best for you. We like to be transparent and authentic with our clients and only believe in treatment if it’s ethical and safe. If your situation requires a different kind of professional help then we will refer you to a vetted, qualified, psychotherapist who can help and is specifically trained in the area you require. 

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If you’re ready to take the next step, let us get started with a conversation and identify the right solution for you in getting you the results you want. We will look at how we can get you there as quickly and effortlessly as possible because our advanced treatment solutions work on permanent change and not a sticking plaster.

With Jocelyn’s understanding of the Body and Mind and how our physiology and neurology work, she has adapted her treatments to incorporate both so her clients can enjoy the process of therapy and gain the most out of it in the shortest time possible.

Break The Pattern has its studio located in Langley, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 8JJ and is close to the surrounding areas of Iver, Denham, Beaconsfield, West Drayton, Uxbridge, Datchet, Wraysbury, Colnbrook, Heathrow, Hounslow, Staines, Maidenhead, Burnham Cippenham, Windsor and Ascot. The Langley Studio is easily accessible from the M4, M40 and M25. Parking is available on site.

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