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Good Vibes – Aromatherapy Rollerball


Support your wellbeing needs when it comes to needing a lift in mind and mood. Our senses are a powerful tool and can often trigger emotions and feelings within our bodies. You can supercharge this neurological process by listening to the ‘Confidence’ audio Mp3 whilst absorbing the aromas of these essential oils. The powerful smell of aromatherapy oils can support good vibes, relieve stress and indirectly support your immune system and circulatory health.


The benefits

  • Invigorates body and mind into action.
  • Lifts your mood relaxes the mind.
  • Reduces anxiety and relieves pain.
  • When used with the 'Confidence' audio Mp3 creates a stimulus-response so you can have a booster of the beneficial neurological process that takes place just simply by smelling the aromatherapy oils associated with the conditioning of feeling more confident.
  • Supports your energy levels.


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