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FBMR Manage Your Mind To Manage Your Health SELF-PACED


FBMR gives you the tools to be your own CEO when it comes to your wellbeing. As you feel happier, more confident, and more invested in YOU, your mind starts to make smarter choices in your daily life.

Through a unique partnership of positive visualisation and decompression you start to see what you want to achieve in life while also escaping the noise:

Better Mental Health gives you the confidence and belief to introduce the world to the real you, supporting you to see things from multiple perspectives.

Increased Physical Health by having control over the way you think, feel and react so your nervous systems isn’t always on high alert.  This allows you to go out into the world and do so much more of what you love.

New Leases Of Life when we feel empowered and able to change the things we are not happy with and by being able to communicate effectively and not from a place of fear or confrontation, this positively improves the immune responses, energy levels, and recovery times.

Firstly we’ve tried to take out as much of the hard work as possible by the use of video lessons developed with the latest video editing software, this means, forget talking heads, whiteboards and slide shows! The FBMR video lessons are fully engaging with graphics to ensure you don’t get bored but easily communicate this complex subject so all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy this part of the process.

There will be accompanying workbooks for each session both in PDF format & On Screen Note Taking for those who don’t have a printer to hand.

Audio recordings of each strategy & process have been created which are saved separately on the member’s platform for easy access, again we use processes that make your life easy and create transformation in the quickest way possible.

In addition, there are bonus audio recordings that are based on topics that have been selected as a result of feedback from the surveys within this training making them targeted and relevant.

There is a private FBMR Selfpaced Program Facebook Group, where you can share your experiences and what you are learning with other like-minded open people.

We have added in a 21 Day Challenge to help you continue your journey and maintain your transformational changes.

Included is a 1-2-1 Coaching session to support you in implementation to ensure you get transformation.

In addition after your 1-2-1 you will receive an additional FREE of charge audio process to use to improve your ability to relax and rebalance your mental and physical health based on your preference.

FBMR is one of the most powerful ways which will support you in having the edge when it comes to leading a happy and healthy life. This program has been specifically designed to target ways to improve & maintain the optimal aspects of health to help you thrive both mentally and physically.

You are going to learn how to master your mind to have control & lasting change over how you think, feel & behave so you can create the life you want. The result, a more fulfilling living experience. See enhancements in your health, relationships and career when you incorporate these simple and effective methods of mind management.

The world will constantly change and present new problems, and there’s nothing to be gained by trying to pretend it won’t. But with the FBMR program unlocking doors within you, you’ll be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome in your own signature way.

If you’ve made it this far then I know from experience that you’re someone who wants to unlock everything life has to offer. You care about yourself, know how important improving your resilience is, and you believe you have what it takes to start your journey.

By committing to every aspect of your mental and physical health you can achieve a new holistic balance in life that’s the secret to breaking free. Take your next step with clarity and purpose and you will never look back, start now and let’s rebalance.

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