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Functional Body Mind Re-balancing (FBMR) Level One, Is a 4 Week Program That Combines The Principals Of Osteopathy, Mindfulness & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  in  a fun, simple and easy to understand way.

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Currently, the FBMR program has reached its capacity. These fill up quickly as the virtual training is delivered to an intimate group, enabling everyone to receive personal coaching where needed.

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FBMR is one of the most powerful ways which will support you in having the edge when it comes to leading a happy and healthy life.

Why You

Do you want to feel more confident, the protective health factor of a boosted immune system, bullet proof resilience when dealing with 21st century uncertainty both personally and professionally?

Why Now

We have had a stark reminder of how important it is we look after ourselves. We will be under more demands when the wheels of the world get back in motion & the stresses of uncertainty will still be there and this can come with a cost to both our mental & physical health if not prepared.

FBMR Benefits

Stress Reduction. Better Immune Function. Emotional Regulation. Raised Resilience. Increased Mental & Physical Fitness. Protective Health Factors. Builds In A Solution Focused Mindset. Problem Solving Processes. Acceptance For Mental Well-being. Less Aches & Pains.


Jocelyn Keen BSc. (Hons)  Osteopath ~ Educator ~ Coach. 
Jocelyn founded Break The Pattern Ltd and created the FBMR programs. She has a unique gift in taking the complexities of the body and mind and explaining the essential scientific elements and processes that people need in a simple, fun way to create change. By working in this way Jocelyn enables her clients and patients to be independent, empowered and in control of their health and happiness in the easiest way possible.


The sessions are structured so you can understand how to change your physiology to rebalance your nervous system, this will have a positive effect on your immune system & reduce inflammation throughout the systems of the body. The decompression practice with the program are design to supercharge relaxation processes in the body aimed at bringing your emotional system back to midpoint. Next its time to incorporate mental conditioning strategies to increase confidence & cognitive function, meaning the way we think & therefore feel.
From Our Clients
The pressures of today are very different than they were even just a few months ago. FBMR is the new way to prevent detrimental health affects of 21st Century uncertainty and past living. Dont miss out on experiencing our unique method incorporating components of: Osteopathy, Mindfulness & NLP
‘Absolutely fantastic, thank you for this inspiring training’
Stress Management

Paul - Operation Director

‘I now have different ways of dealing with pressure in my life & am feeling much more relaxed with less physical aches & pains’.
Emotional Regulation

Jackie House Wife

‘I regularly use what I learnt & am so grateful… it has helped me so much’.
Resilience Session

Catherine Tech Support

“Thank you, this has changed the way I see things & I will continue to remember in the future.”
Solution Focusing

Natasha - Young Adult

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If you are a business and would like to find out more about how you can distribute these programs and their benefits to your workforce please get in contact.

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