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Teresa's Story

Teresa reflected on the past few months. She had been toying with the idea of going to a personal coach for some time. But, after another meet up with her friends and talking to them about the same issues, it was time for a different type of action; otherwise she felt nothing would change.

Teresa used to be the one people would come to when they needed help with their lives or wanted advice. It seemed as though everybody around her knew what they wanted from their future, but Teresa didn’t know where she was headed even though, on paper, she was doing pretty okay but felt empty and unfulfilled.

At first, Teresa thought that it might just be because of the lack of direction in her career or maybe even that she was now in her  30’s and expected to be settled in a loving relationship. Instead, the uncertainty of it all was making her feel depressed and anxious. But, after realising no matter what personal development or self-help book she read, none of it was helping her create the clarity or change she was looking for. She knew it was time to go a different route which brought her to seek our services. Read her testimonial>>>>

Our body works as a barometer letting us know how we are coping. It gives us clues when we need to deal with something, or it’s craving a bit of rebalancing. It communicates this through the not so helpful coping behaviours, such as increased eating, drinking, emotionally shutting us down, or has us play the joker to laugh off the uncomfortable feelings. Then there are the moments when we successfully suppress those uncomfortable emotions but this can lead us experiencing them as unexplained physical aches and pains.

It isn’t always obvious when we’re feeling uncomfortable, but when it becomes apparent that something about our living situation has changed and without us noticing sleep is the first behavior to alter. It ranges from disturbed sleep to having that glass of something or some sweet food to experience comfort and feel relaxed. This is a calling card of the body, advertising its desire to get back to a healthy, happy, balanced state of living.

Personal coaching with Jocelyn’s knowledge makes it easy to gain the guidance and find the answers you need, enabling you to achieve greater heights of happiness, fulfilment and physical comfort.

I didn’t even know what I wanted for myself anymore and after the 1-2-1 sessions and completing the FBMR Program, everything fell into place and seemed just as it should be. Jocelyn helped me to realise that my thoughts about not knowing where things were headed or if there was something out there waiting for me were not as they seemed.

What matters to me are the simple joys in life: being present with people I care about and making time every day for myself. I hadn’t realised I had been giving of certain vibes that had been keeping people at bay and I’m already seeing changes in those around me. Totally life-changing, forever thankful.


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Why Personal Coaching is Jocelyn's passion?

Jocelyn’s fascination with the human body and mind at a young age led her to study how physiology and neurology work. With this knowledge, she developed an understanding of what it means for a person to be healthy, happy, and resilient.

Jocelyn believes that by raising your baseline resilience in simple ways that work long term, you can reach any goal life has thrown at you without breaking too much sweat (or straining your mental bandwidth).

With a unique understanding of the body and mind, Jocelyn found her calling as an evidence-based personal coach. Her fascination and knowledge enabled her to find a way to help others become their best selves with innovative programs and a unique way of coaching.

She said, “No matter what the problem may be or the extent to which it is affecting my clients daily life, if they show the willingness and desire to change, I’m 100% committed to finding a solution that’s for them .”

Jocelyn leverages a holistic and innovative approach to facilitate creative personalised solutions. Founder of Break the Pattern, a foundation that offers flexible training and treatment. Jocelyn is an intuitive and non-judgmental professional who offers something extra; she has been there before.

She was prompted to a path of self-discovery from the age of 19. First, she took advantage of an evening self-assertion course and, later on, in-depth human behaviours. As a result, she has survived a motorbike accident, a house fire, and a couple of PTSD instances that she successfully turned around. These life-altering experiences took her down the route of becoming an osteopath and working with the body and mind and examined why people experienced physical pain, even when there was no physical trauma.

She has committed 18 years towards serving others by capitalising on her extensive studies achieving a bachelor of science degree, her own experiences coupled with dedicated research into obtaining the best combinations of treatment for fast, effective results and the creation of her own educational and coaching programs.  Functional Body Mind Re-balancing (F.B.M.R.)

Jocelyn may be a nerd when it comes to the workings of the body and mind. Still, she balances humour and professionalism to make the whole process of change and learning valuable and memorable. Combining her compassionate yet solution-focused teaching/coaching style and unique perspective on life, she successfully guides her clients on how to instigate and accept essential changes. Jocelyn gets to wear multiple hats as an accommodating listener, supportive friend and tough critic when required, all the while creating an engaging, safe and confidential space where her audience and clients can be their true selves.

The goal is to adapt her modern and flexible training to educate and empower people to manage their minds so they can manage their health and, in doing so, can experience optimal fulfilment in their life.



















Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

If things have been going alright but not as good as they could of should be, then this is the perfect time. Imagine if thats all it took, one informal conversation to learn how to change your situation. Contact me today so that you can learn how I could help you optimise your human journey and achieve your desired outcomes.


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